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PUSA Marathon 17 April - 2022 (Sunday), 6-00AM - Morning

Futuring Sports is excited to announce the third edition of the Pusa Marathon, which will take place in 2022. One of the most important athletic events you will see this summer(Scheduled In The Morning 06:00AM IST). There will be no age or geographical limits for this unique event, which is open to both children and adults.

So be ready to take part in one of Bihar’s most important events. Keep an eye out for the registration procedure, which will close soon.



Details of Marathon 2022

Lap Distance: 10 KM

Men’s Open Category 

1st Prize: 12,000/- | 2nd Prize: 7,100/- 3rd Prize: 5,100/- 

Entry Fee: 500/ PP Only 

Rest in the top 10 will get 1100/- + Gift Hamper

Lap Distance: 5 KM

U-19 Boys + Girls 

1st Prize: 7,100/- | 2nd Prize:5,100/- | 3rd Prize: 3,100/- 

Entry Fee: 400/ PP Only 

Rest in the top 10 will get ₹500/- + Gift Hamper

Lap Distance: 3 KM

U-12 Age + Parents

1st Prize: 3,100/- | 2nd Prize: 2,100/- | 3rd

Entry Fee: 300/ PP Only

Rest in top 10 will get t-shirt + Gift Hamper



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School Sporting Competency Development






What Does Each One Get?


A child’s success that we contribute to is the real reward we get. Futuring sports brings conducive result to a child’s future and we are result driven sports management consulting firm.

Futuring Sports is firm believer in the concept of “Sports Along With Studies”

Cherish the success that some of our stalwarts brought to our state and social community.

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